Commercial Painting Contractors

Whether you own a home or business, sometimes you need painting done, both interior and exterior. Unless you want to and can do it yourself, you might need commercial painting contractors to come in for you. Ask these eight questions to find the right commercial painter for your situation.

1) Are their worker’s employees or contractors? Even if a business calls itself ‘contractors,’ are they saying this for the painting contract, or because they hire contractors? There’s nothing wrong per se with a business that uses contractors, but is they legal contractors with experience and background checks? Or are they day laborers picked up at the local commercial paintershardware store that morning? Check into what kind of relationship the painting business has with its workers.

2) How long have they been in business? While you can’t assume that all the new kids on the block are no good or not worth your time, it’s the painting businesses that have been around a while that have proven themselves and know what they are doing.

3) Are they up to date with technology and modern buildings? One possible advantage to using a newer business is that they are not set in their ways and do things “old school.” Even in the world of painting, there is constant research and development into new paints, methods, and technical upgrades. Newer painting businesses might have up to date services they can offer you.

4) Do they have before and after photos of their work? A good painting business is going to have a long line of previously satisfied customers, some of whom would be fine with the before and after images of their locations be used by the painters as samples of what you can expect their work to look like in your building.

5) Can you confirm the customer testimonials? It’s a shame to say this, but some businesses put fake testimonials online to make themselves look good. A selection of before and after photos is a good thing, but knowing the names of people or businesses who got their work done by particular contractors is better. Of course, you might not want actually to bother verifying everything and bugging other businesses with phone calls, but you should be able to visit one or two and see for yourself that their interior matches what’s in the photos.

6) Are there BBB complaints out? Check with the Better Business Bureau and see if there are any outstanding complaints or issues that yet need to be resolved against a particular business. Check customer review sites to at least see if the business makes some attempt to correct things with customers, even for the customers who can never be happy.

7) Are the estimate walk-throughs free? It’s not enough to get an estimate over the phone. An actual painter or technician needs to come out to your home or business and see with their own eyes what needs to be done to provide you an accurate quote.

8) Are there maintenance plans offered? While getting the new painting done is a recurring expense, you can spread out the fresh coats a little more if you have some maintenance done to your walls or exteriors in between. Ask any potential business what they recommend.

Use these eight factors to find the right commercial painting contractors for your needs.

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